Dash Cam Car Camera Installation

At Motor Junction, we can provide front and rear car camera installation in Moorabbin that records everything that happens while you’re driving. This can be extremely useful when accidents occur and you need to prove your innocence and/or the guilt of another driver involved. Our dash cams are extremely reliable, delivering quality images that leave nothing in doubt about what may or may not have happened while you were on the road.


WINYCAM is the longest lasting car dash cam brand in Korea, providing the clearest image quality on wide angles. As one of the most reliable systems, you can rest assured that it will never fail to record video, audio and special sensor data. It also boasts excellent temperature and brightness variation.

Our WINYCAM car camera installation might seem very simple, but we pride ourselves on our low defective rate and excellent reliability. In addition, we’ve been contracted by five big brands which demonstrate our product quality and qualifications in the market. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied when you opt for WINYCAM car camera installation with Motor Junction.

Contact us today to learn more about our available car cameras or enquire about one of our other services, including car wrap advertising and car wrap near Moorabbin. We can also provide assistance if you need a mechanic in Moorabbin.

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