Product Features

  • – Higher capacity than B-112
  • – No need for Hard-wiring (cigar mode)
  • – Up to 31* hrs Run Time (DR590-1CH)
  • – Easy Installation
  • – High Quality Samsung LiFePO4 Battery
  • – Authorised Australian Distributor

Model Code   B-124-X
 Battery Capacity   76.8 Wh  /  ~6,000mAh 12.8V
 Input Charging Power   12Volts – 17Volts ~ 6.5A MAX (Through Cigarette Lighter)
3.5A MAX (Through Fusebox)
 Charging Ampere Options   5 (low) or 9 (high) Ampere (A) (switch selectable)
 Charging Time   1hour 20min (5A)  /  40min (9A)
 Usage time (discharging)   DR750S-1CH = ~22.5Hrs  /  DR750S-2CH = ~17.5Hrs
 Battery Type   Lithium-iron (LiFePo4) Samsung
 LED   Built-in LED (Indicates Status / Charging or Full)
 BLUETOOTH   Built-In + Free iOS & Android Application (via BlackVue Cloud App)
 Dimensions   150mm x 170mm x 38mm
 Weight   1.3Kg
 Operating Temperature   -10 ~ 70’C (Celsius)
 Country of Origin   Korea (South)
 Warranty   12 Months in Australia

Table of expected usage times across various models in normal recording mode.

Note: Using dash cams in Parking Mode will use less power than normal recording mode. The times listed below are worst case for running times.

Model Average power consumption (Wh) in Normal recording mode Expected usage time
DR900S-1CH 3.48 21h 53m
DR900S-2CH 4.56 16h 42m
DR750S-1CH 3.36 22h 40m
DR750S-2CH 4.32 17h 38m
DR590W-1CH 2.52 30h 14m
DR590W-2CH 3.6 21h 10m
DR590-1CH 2.4 31h 45m
DR590-2CH 3.48 21h 53m

What’s included in the box


1) I have a new car (under agent’s warranty), am I allowed to install the B-124 to my dash cam to enable the parking mode?
Professional installation should not void any new car warranty. However, if you do not wish to hardwire the B-124 into your car, the B-124 can also support charging via the car cigar jack. If you plug your B-124 directly into your cigarette socket, then this should not cause any issues – just remember to run the B-124 in the LOW mode only.

2) I have a high-end/luxury car and I heard that some installation methods of the B-124 can cause a battery warning error?
The B-124 battery is a standalone power supply, therefore it will only be charged when the car engine’s is running and hence it will not cause an error like “Excessive Leakage Current” in BMWs.

3) What is the advantages of using a B-124 battery over tapping the power to my existing car battery instead?
Automotive batteries perform and behave differently to regular lithium ion batteries found in smartphones. Unlike lithium-based batteries, batteries for vehicles last much longer when stored in a charged state. Instability caused by leaving it discharged most of the time will increase the sulfation process, a build-up of lead sulfate crystals. A sulfated battery can lead to:

  • Loss of cranking power
  • Longer charging times
  • Excessive heat build-up leading to “boil out”
  • Shorter running times between charges
  • Dramatically shorter battery life

By installing the B-124, you can ensure your batteries health is maintained, while also having the benefit of running your dash cam in parking mode for extended periods of time.

**You need to drive for 40mins – 80mins per day at least in order to charge the B-124 to it’s full capacity. Shorter driving times will result in fewer hours of parking mode. Charge time is also affected by the charge mode setting (9A/5A).

BlackVue B-124 introduction by BlackVue.

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