Product Features

  • – Exclusive BlackVue 4K dash camera
  • – 8.0MP CMOS Sensor
  • – Smartphone App (iOS or Android)
  • – Up to 128GB SD Compatible*
  • – 2 Year Australian Warranty
  • – 4K UHD (Front) + FHD (Rear)

Recording time

Model Memory Capacity Image Quality Resolution (Front + Rear)
DR900S-2CH 4K UHD @ 30 fps (Extreme)
+ Full HD @ 30fps
4K UHD @ 30 fps
+ Full HD @ 30fps
Full HD @ 60 fps
+ Full HD @ 30fps
Full HD @ 30 fps
+ Full HD @ 30fps
16GB Highest (Extreme) 55 MIN x x x
Highest x 1 HR 20 MIN 1 HR 20 MIN 1 HR 20 MIN
High x 1 HR 40 MIN 1 HR 40 MIN 1 HR 40 MIN
Normal x 2 HR 10 MIN 2 HR 10 MIN 2 HR 10 MIN
32GB Highest (Extreme) 1 HR 50 MIN x x x
Highest x 2 HR 40 MIN 2 HR 40 MIN 2 HR 40 MIN
High x 3 HR 20 MIN 3 HR 20 MIN 3 HR 20 MIN
Normal x 4 HR 20 MIN 4 HR 20 MIN 4 HR 20 MIN
64GB Highest (Extreme) 3 HR 40 MIN x x x
Highest x 5 HR 20 MIN 5 HR 20 MIN 5 HR 20 MIN
High x 6 HR 40 MIN 6 HR 40 MIN 6 HR 40 MIN
Normal x 8 HR 40 MIN 8 HR 40 MIN 8 HR 40 MIN
128GB Highest (Extreme) 7 HR 20 MIN x x x
Highest x 10 HR 40 MIN 10 HR 40 MIN 10 HR 40 MIN
High x 13 HR 20 MIN 13 HR 20 MIN 13 HR 20 MIN
Normal x 17 HR 20 MIN 17 HR 20 MIN 17 HR 20 MIN
Bitrate (Mbps)
Front + Rear
Highest (Extreme) 25 + 10 x x x
Highest x 12 + 10 12 + 10 12 + 10
High x 10 + 8 10 + 8 10 + 8
Normal x 8 + 6 8 + 6 8 + 6


*Please note: 64GB & 128GB SD Cards must be purchased through Auto BlackBox for guaranteed compatibility.

 Video Quality   Camera: 1/4″ 8.0MP  CMOS (Front), 2.1MP  Sony STARVIS (Rear)
 Standard SD Memory Card   Supports up to 128GB Micro SD Card* (Class 10 Pittasoft only)
 Loop Recording   System overwrites the oldest data to make room for new data once full
 Wide Angle View   Front Camera 162′ Degrees | Rear 139′ Degrees
 Video Format   MP4
 Reversible Design   360′ Rotational body recording various direction
 Recording Speed   60fps (1080P only) + 30 fps / 30fps + 30fps
 Image Resolution   4K Ultra HD 3840x2160px (Front) |  Full HD 1920x1080px (Rear)
 Motion Detection   Yes in Parking Mode (requires power magic pro)
 Data Compression   HEVC H.265, H.264 (AVC)
 Built-in Format Function   Yes (Press & Hold WiFi button for 10 seconds)
 Built-in WiFi Modem   Yes (For use with free smart-phone App)
 Built-in G-Sensor   Yes
 CCTV Using PCU   Surveillance camera function using Power Control Unit
 GPS Receiver   Built-in Highly Sensitive SIRF III Antennae
 Recording Options   Normal, Parking, Event (Activated by shock)
 Camera Size & Weight   Front – 108.5mm x 36.0mm / 114grams
 Operational Temp   -20’C ~ 70’C
 Power Supply   12V/24V DC
 Power Consumption 380mA (4.56W @ 12V, GPS ON | WiFi ON)
360mA (4.32W @ 12V, GPS OFF | WiFi OFF)
 Warranty   2 Year (Australian Genuine Warranty)
 Compliance Marks   C-TICK (N28189) FCC, CE, RoHS, Telec, IC
 Manufacturer   Pittasoft Co., Ltd (Auto BlackBox Australian Importer)


Promo Video

An overview of the new features.

BlackVue Dealers in Australia

Optimised File Management

Event Files Overwrite Protection: Up to 50 files will be protected from deletion when saved in the system as event files. Event files can be triggered by tapping the camera, or will be automatically triggered in an accident due to braking or impact detection.

Format-Free Technology Your BlackVue saves and organises files on the microSD card in a new efficient way. Greatly reducing the need for regular SD card formatting and preventing file corruption events after long uses.


Built-in GPS & 5G WiFi

Unlike competitor models: the BlackVue DR900S houses GPS & WiFi built-in to the device. This makes for a cleaner installation with less cables to worry about. GPS provides speed recording on the footage and location view on playback. 5G WiFi enables super fast downloads to their smart-phone or to adjust settings and update firmware.


4K UHD + 1080P Recording

High quality sensors with a massive 8.0MP front CMOS, and rear Sony STARVIS – provide high quality recording and license plate recognition. The user can also choose to increase the cameras bit rate up to 25mb/s + 10mb/s (rear) for improved video quality.

World First True 4K UHD

The all new DR900S dash cam system is the first true 4K UHD 8.0MP dash cam on the market, which also incorporates a small discrete rear camera in Full HD 1080P (DR900-2CH only).

Next Level Compression Technology

Along with the regular H.264 codec, the DR900S Series features H.265, also called High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), the leading standard in 4K recording and broadcasting.
With H.265, 4K UHD video file size is similar to that of Full HD H.264. In other words, you get 4 times bigger and better images without sacrificing recording time. Because of H.265 compression, the DR900S will only use as much storage space as a 1080P dash cam!


BlackVue Viewing Software Mac + Windows

The BlackVue viewing software can be accessed by inserting the cameras SD card into a PC. The viewing software enables the user to check footage, change the time zone, adjust user options, playback footage in slow motion and more. Compatible with Mac & Windows.


Enhanced Night Vision

The BlackVue DR900S series offers exceptional night vision recording for when your car is stationary and in Parking Mode. Furthermore, the BlackVue will only save files if motion or impact is detected.


Discreet Black Themed Design

Like the previous series, the DR900S is designed with style and discreteness in mind. The all black cylindrical design is to hide the camera when installed in your vehicle from preying eyes. BlackVue cameras are one of the most discrete cameras on the market.


Everything You Need

The DR900S comes with a complete kit including two cameras, mounting brackets, cigarette lighter plug for easy installation, manuals, cable clips and a coax cable to connect the front and rear camera.


Parking Mode CCTV

BlackVue systems have the ability to run in Parking Mode, monitoring your car when you’re not around. When wired in with the Power Magic Pro or the Battery B-112; this mode will activate when the car is off.

PC Player Software

In The Box

Note: Highest YouTube Quality for best viewing.

Note:: Select Highest Quality for best viewing.

4K Video Sample Quality DR900S

Night (rear)

Day (rear) (DR900S uses the same rear camera as the DR750S)

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