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Car Vinyl Wrap in Melbourne

At Motor Junction, we proudly offer quality car vinyl wrap in Melbourne. Our Moorabbin workshop can assist clients travelling from nearby suburbs such as Cheltenham, Clarinda, Hampton, Highett and Bentleigh East. Whether you want custom car wraps that add to the resale value of your car or attractive car wrap advertising that shows off your brand name, we’ve got you covered. Our different car vinyl wrap service options are detailed below.

Full Wraps

Full wraps are for those who want to go the full distance in terms of changing up their vehicle. Full car vinyl wrap in Melbourne is the most expensive option and can take days to complete depending on the material used and the vehicle being wrapped. It’s essential to use the most skilled installers for your full wrap. Full custom car wraps can be used to:

  • Completely change the whole look and style of your vehicle or allow for car wrap advertising
  • Convert your car to a completely different colour, without all of the long delays that can hold back getting your car in shape, as well as the extreme costs
  • Be unique and take your car to a new level with a textured material
  • Protect the vehicle body paintwork and help hold the resale value of your vehicle

Partial Wraps

Partial custom car wraps can be quicker and more affordable than full wraps. These are suitable for side mirrors and spoilers. Our partial car vinyl wrap service can:

  • Transform the style of your car by giving you an extra layer of colour compared to similar vehicles
  • Add a simple contrast to the look of your car without going over the top and making your car seem too loud
  • Add minor texturing to your vehicle styling with a finish such as carbon fibre to really add another layer of class to the overall design

Roof Wraps

Roof car vinyl wrap in Melbourne is used to add patterns to vehicles or to streamline the design by adding a dark contrasting colour. Using a finish of carbon fibre can visibly add to the quality and look of a vehicle, especially high end models. Whatever your choice, roof wraps can help:

  • Change the overall look and feel of your vehicle
  • Use colour to add contrast and alter the design of the car
  • Use textured materials that interact with light differently
  • Provide protection to the paintwork below

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection kits are a totally clear and invisible way of protecting your car bodywork from general wear and tear, stone chips and minor abrasions. Suggested applicable areas for this car wrapping service include:

  • Full front package available, which includes bonnet, bumper bar and guards
  • Head lights
  • Door edges
  • Door cup
  • Fuel cap lid
  • Boot area

In addition to custom car wraps, we also offer headlight and taillight tinting services. Get in touch with us today for more details by calling (03) 9553 1344. We can additionally assist you if you need a mechanic in Moorabbin or require car camera installation.

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